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SD Brewery Tour 1/28/2012

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a beer tour courtesy of the IT company my work hires for major jobs (G-Squared Computing). These guys are big beer fans and brought their clients on a bus to three local breweries and stocked the coach up with 3 coolers of ultra rare beers. On the bus we had tastings of very rare beers from Lost Abbey, The Bruery, Firestone and all kinds of Belgian and So. Cal breweries. We stopped at Hess, Green Flash and Ballast Point. Of the three breweries, I enjoyed Hess' beer the most, though it's really hard to beat Ballast Point's Victory at Sea Porter, when you can find it. Fun experience and probably the only chance I will get to try that many rare beers. Honestly, the beers on the bus overshadowed the beers at the breweries. Here's a few videos I took.

Ballast Point brewery tour

Green Flash tasting area

Thank you G-Squared Computing!

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