Coulter IPA (thankfully *NOT* related in any way to that crusty cunt Ann Coulter!)
My bud TheLongBeachBum summed up this beer perfectly -- not especially great, but different. In IPA-saturated San Diego, is being "different" enough to make a difference, so to speak?
I did not have a clue who "Cismontane Brewing Company" was untiul now (Loren: this is a real brewery vice a contract brewed 'beer marketing company') -- but their online presence on Facebook, on, and their own unique website implies that this place first opened last April, and is already starting to expand production. Who knew?
(But, then again, the "OC" might as well be on the other side of the country as far as most SoCal folks are concerned).
What I do know is that this beer does not suck. Yes, a bit flabby and slow around the corners, but does okay in the straight-away. Translation? There 's enough here to go well with a sandwich on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and perhaps enough good things in the flavor profile to give this a one-off try.
But for repeatability? This bomber-shaped 500mL bottle was not especially inexpensive, and not so interesting/different as for me to recommend it in the greater scheme of things.
Someone else picking up the next round? Have them get this for you and decide for yourself. But if you're running solo? There's better options out there, seriously.