I don't have much know-how re: Mother Earth Brew Co. I know I had a good half-growler of their IPA a while ago, and I know they wound up on the winning side of a legal dispute with a Mother Earth Brewing outfit in North Carolina. Other than that, they're not on my beer radar what-so-ever.
But this rather inexpensive bomber caught my eye, so I figured I'd give them a try more-or-less on the fly.
Typically, an American craft brewed Saison is typically a Belgian Pale Ale that the brewer either intended to make a bit funky, or is a rebranding of a mistake, and they need to sell it somehow to get it out the door.
For better or worse, I don't think this is a "oops, we fucked up. Let's rename it a saison and send it on it's way". Rather, I do think some thought and effort was put into this -- especially since this is a bit of collaboration effort with El Duende Tequila Inc..
Now, the only way I know of any sort of tequila essence in this beer is due to having read about it online. Taste-wise, there's nothing here that even hints at anything you'd find in North America, yet alone South of the Border. It really is that subtle.
Instead, we have here a saison that doesn't disappoint -- but doesn't impress, either.
I suspect that Mother Earth Brew Co made their saison in such a way as to have the tequila "fill in the gaps", flavor-wise. But they were so cautious with the tequila element as to make it's addition to the batch irrelevant -- and this beer falls a bit short of the mark.
Adequate for winding down the x-mas portion of the holidays, but nothing for either saison or tequila fans to seek out.
"Así así"