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Thread: Ritual Torture - Void of Chaos 7"

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    Default Ritual Torture - Void of Chaos 7"

    FINALLY, our latest recording has a release date!

    On April 30th 2012 our new EP, VOID OF CHAOS will be released on 7" vinyl through Blood Harvest Records.

    It is available for pre-order NOW at for 45 SEK (aprox. $6.60 USD)

    We will also have copies for sale as well in a couple weeks, so hit any of us up if you're interested!
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    Default RE: Ritual Torture - Void of Chaos 7"

    Awesome, Jeff!
    Are you guys gonna sell direct as well? I would like the order one from you, when it's out

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    will there be a tape release on dark descent?

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    I would like to request a Laser Disc on Drowned Records

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    Fuckin A!! I'm really excited to hear/own this EP!!

    Congrats guys! Finally shit is coming together!!
    Si analamos tati cares - 666

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    Thanks Berto! Yeah Goetz, we'll have copies for sale too. No Laser Disc tho haha.

    Zito, this recording is just going to be released as a 7". Blood Harvest's web store will have it and they have a bunch of distributors, so it should be pretty easy to find it and buy it online.

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    Will you guys have em in time for the swap? If so, I'll pick one up there!

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    Really enjoyed your set last friday,looking forward to hearing the intensity caught on tape

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    Quote Originally Posted by humanjerky
    Will you guys have em in time for the swap? If so, I'll pick one up there!
    It's possible, but I seriously doubt we'll get our copies in by then... I'll save one for you mang.

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    Release date update! Check my first post for details!
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    Oh sorry, gotta gnarly hangover hahaha. I edited the original post, it's April 30th G-man!

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    From Blood Harvest Records' website, :

    RITUAL TORTURE - Void of Chaos EP (7" Vinyl)

    Release Date: April 30th, 2012
    All orders including this item will be shipped after April 30th!!

    Limited to 300 copies.

    After tremendous delays on our end we finally get our shit together to have this little gem released.
    Two new tracks of great, classic Californian style old school Death Metal from this San Diego based unit.
    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 April, 2012.
    Support music...not bullshit.

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