Xandria has checked in with the following announcement about the band's upcoming new album:

"Some people, even some famous bands don't like Mondays... We do! As of this very Monday, we are proud to present the name of our upcoming album: 'Neverworld's End' will be the title of our late winter release and we are already completely thrilled to hear your feedback on the name - and the cover artwork, which you can check out here!

"Although the title may indicate it, this is not a concept album, but there is an overall theme threading its way through most of the songs. However, more about this on a later occasion - for now only this: It is not about Peter Pan ;)

"Plus: After you have had been watching Gerit recording the drums for 'Neverworld's End' last time, part two of our studio blog does take you to the bass and guitar recordings.