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Thread: Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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    Default Eternal Tears of Sorrow

    anyone like this band?

    i recently got they're discography....I always assumed they were more along the lines of paradise lost or katatonia or somthing.

    pretty cool melodic death metal though, I can tell already I like the'yre older stuff. Chaotic Beauty,Vilda Mannu etc.

    apparently some of the members are from kalmah, are they cool?
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    Default RE: Eternal Tears of Sorrow

    Never heard of them, but i might have to check them out.

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    yeah man check em' out. good stuff

    heres a link to they're discography...

    I checked em' out cuz I thought they're name was pretty rad. the name lives up to the music IMO
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    They are pretty good. Worth a listen, but nothing spectacular, really.

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    In all honesty I think the name is cheesier than cheetos dipped in cheez whiz. But I'll check it out nonetheless.

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    I like the name.

    But you did not provide links to any songs, so fuck off and die. Please.
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    whatever letrias, cmon now we live in an age of myspace, just type that shit in on the music page u'll find em'....with plenty of songs.

    fuck off and die
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